You’re blogging so that you can say what you want, so why bother with sentence structure and proper English grammar?

Well, do you ever feel like your readers are missing out on the great ideas and content that your blog has because its just not readable enough? It’s great when you’re blogging and you’re finally free to share your thoughts and ideas your way, but not everyone’s writing style translates into great reading.

Don’t be afraid to add your personal flair to English grammar, but try to pay attention to a few things that will improve your writing skills AND keep readers engaged:

Vary Sentence Structure:

A paragraph on it’s own may be engaging, but could get lost if it’s placed within several paragraphs that have the same sentence structure.

When blogging, to keep your readers following you til the very end of your post, try to use a variety of different organizational patterns such as mixing up short and long sentences. Or using some independent clauses. And some dependent ones! English grammar should be fun!

Use Effective Transitions:

While not any less important than sentence structure… Making an effective transition from one paragraph to the next may seem overly simply, it is something that if not done correctly can lose your readers interest or focus quickly!

Try to reference clue words from English grammar such as first, second, lastly, in addition to,etc… if you have a topic that will span several paragraphs. Your readers will know what’s going on, and it may make blogging easier on you if you have a good flow.

Choose Appropriate and Consistent Style:

It’s not fair, but many of your readers will judge you based on not only what you say, but how you say it!

Make sure you’re using language that is appropriate for your target audience to make sure they’re getting your message. Sentence structure is also another area where you may want to rearrange your words until they convey the correct tone you’re using. Basically if you’re readers are expecting something casual then keep your sentence structure casual, and if you’re looking to reach a more educated crowd then proper English grammar.

Always have fun and say what you need to when blogging, but pay attention to your audience and what they need to stay engaged and focused!

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